How to Make Money on OnlyFans: The Complete Guide



As a content creator in this digital era, if you’re looking for ways to diversify your income, OnlyFans can be your best bet. Creators can charge a fee to their fans to view their content. It is an excellent way to monetize your content.

Though every type of influencers uses OnlyFans to create exclusive content, it is more popular among the adult entertainment industry. OnlyFans keep 20% of the total money, and the rest goes to the creators. Here’s a complete guide to getting started with OnlyFans. So, without further ado, let’s get a brief overview of how to make money on OnlyFans.


Only individuals above 18 years are allowed to create an account on OnlyFans. While creating an account, you need to decide on the subscription price depending on your posts’ frequency. Adding a unique, catchy name can attract more followers.

You can post videos, photos, and audios once you create your profile. Under the posts section, you will be able to view all your content. The latest updates and the number of likes for your post are visible too. Choose your category, plan how often you would like to post and select the right subscription rate.

Due to its non-restrictive policy, though the adult entertainment industry widely uses OnlyFans, here are the categories of influencers who create content on OnlyFans to generate income. You are free to create an account no matter the type of influencer you are. 

  • Food blogger
  • Travel Blogger
  • Fitness Coach
  • Fashion Blogger 
  • Beauty blogger 
  • Gamers
  • Lifestyle Bloggers
  • DIY Blogger
  • Sports Blogger
  • Music Blog

OnlyFans is a platform with diverse content from influencers worldwide. With the right strategy, you can monetize your content in no time. All it takes is a little dedication and effort to understand and deliver what the audience wants.

How to Create an Account

You can create an account in a couple of minutes at your fingertips. All you have to do is go to the official OnlyFans website and sign up with your Twitter/Google account or sign up exclusively for OnlyFans giving your Email ID, setting a password, and a name. Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy and hit the sign up button. And Viola! You have your OnlyFans account. 

As the next step, you have to set up your account to be visible to your fans. Just like how you set up your profile on other social media account, OnlyFans lets you customize your profile. 

Note: Complete nude images are not allowed on Profile and Cover Photos.

  1. Go to Edit Profile 
  2. Set a Username and a Display Name
  3. Add a Profile Photo and a Cover Image (Since the cover photo is your banner, you need to show your fans what your content is about in it.) .
  4. Add your Bank Details 

OnlyFans has a strict verification process before letting anyone make use of its platform to monetize their content. So initially, you have to submit your details and ID and get it approved by them. The team carefully reviews each detail and will be approved only after thorough verification.

Once it is approved, you have to add your bank details and choose a subscription price your fans must pay to view your content. 

Steps to Add Bank Details:

Now there are two main steps to add your bank account

  • One- You need to add your personal details.
  • Two- Add your bank account details and choose your monthly subscription plan. 

You also have to add your country of residence and verify that you are above 18 years of age. After entering the details, you will have to add your First Name, Last name, Address, City, Postal Code, and Date of Birth. You can also add your Twitter and Instagram usernames if you wish to in this section. But from our experience it’s necessary to add it.

  • The next step is to add your photo ID issued by the Government. It can be either your Passport, ID Card, or Driving License. 
  • Post that, you should upload an image of the ID and a photo of your holding the ID. Ensure that the picture is below 5MB as it doesn’t take large size photos.
  • You have to enter your ID card’s expiration date and select ‘Explicit Content’ if your category is adult content.
  • After filling in these details, you have to send it for approval. 

You will get a confirmation email if it is approved. Soon after that, adding your bank details and choosing a subscription plan is what you must do. 

Under bank details, you have to choose your payout system.

  • One is the Direct Transfer method, which is the default, and the other is the International Bank Transfer.
  • Direct Transfer is more effortless than regular bank transfers and also faster – You can withdraw just about $20 with a processing time of 3 business days. It is restricted to only Visa and Visa Debit cards if you’re choosing the Direct Transfer method. 
  • If you’re opting for International Bank Transfer, the processing time is within 3 to 5 business days. Though it works with any bank account, you can only withdraw once you earn $200, as it is the minimum withdrawal limit.
  • So, this method may be as more straightforward as the Direct transfer method. Hit the ‘save payout details’ button once filled and head to the subscription price plan section next. 
  1. Choose a subscription price

As a beginner, you might want to keep your subscription price low. Well, yes, that’s the right thing to do initially, but not if you are uploading informative, descriptive, or long-format content like a detailed guide or a complete tutorial on your niche.

However, keeping the price low works fine in the beginning. By default, your subscription price is set to default. You can start with a minimum of $4.99 and go up to $14.99 as you learn the pattern.

You can start with a minimum of $9.99 initially and then gradually increase the rate. Please choose the right price as you see it fit. No doubt, you will gain more subscribers if your rate is low initially.

  1. Add a description in the About Section

Keep it catchy and crisp so that your fans get a sneak peek into the type of content you’ll be creating.

Fans can view your bio and the detailed description by clicking on the show more info tab. You can add any website links to your bio so that your followers can navigate to other websites.

Describe your content in the bio section to let your fans know what your content is all about before subscribing. Ensure your content is value for money and let them know how often you post weekly or daily in your bio.

You can add your location, website URL, Amazon Wishlist, and also connect your Spotify account here. Click on the ‘save changes’ button once you complete filling the bio.

Ways to Make Money

Now that your account is set, all you have to do is to start posting your content. The real game begins now. While you can earn money through subscription, OnlyFans lets you monetize by other means as well. You can make money by tips or also through pay per view content.

1.      Using Tip Menu

You can create a tip menu or ask for tips. Since your fans will be paying for your content, you need to ensure your content is worth the price. If you have an exclusive video to share, you can share the video only after they tip you, which can be done by creating a tip menu. You can sell your content in PDF format if it’s a cooking recipe or fitness tips in return for a tip.

It would be best to post the tip menu on your profile and let your fans decide what they want if they don’t prefer subscribing. Add all the necessary details in the tip menu. Whether you’re shipping a physical product or giving out a digital guide to your fans, add all the information on the tip menu.

2.      Mass Messages

You can also use mass messages to monetize the content created by you. It lets your current subscribers view your content and not future subscribers. That way, you can post exclusive content and allow only your subscribers to access it. If some of your fans miss out on watching your posts, you can post on mass messages and ensure they don’t miss any of your posts.

3.      Pay Per View

You can use the pay per view feature where there is a paywall between your content and your fans. You can post up to 20 images, video, and audio and get your fans to pay to view the content. You can price each post as low as $3 and give a sneak peek into it to your fans.

They will be allowed to view the entire content only if they pay. So, this feature makes OnlyFans one of the best platforms to monetize your content. Since your fans are moving from free platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to this paid platform, you must create thoroughly engaging content apart from what you post on Instagram and make them want more.

Click the envelope icon to send pay per view messages, tap on ‘New Message’ and choose the ‘All subscriber’s’ option and then ‘Next.’ Type a short, catchy message describing the content and add a price tag along with it. Hit ‘Send,’ and you’re good to go.

Tips and Tricks to Engage Followers

After creating an account and posting content on OnlyFans, you need to retain subscribers and attract new followers. To do that, here are some tips and tricks. If you follow these, you will build a solid fanbase and earn quite a lot in a short time.

1.      Have Frequent Interactions with your Fans

One way to retain your fans is by interacting with them regularly. Go on live videos, play QnA, or quick sessions with your fans. Engage with them whenever possible. That way, you will have subscribers regularly who pay to view your content. Followers are paying to view your content, so the least you could do is to interact with them virtually and show that you care and value their time.

2.      Schedule your Content

Your fans might be waiting for your posts regularly, and if you happen to be busy due to travel or other plans, then schedule your posts beforehand and not disappoint your followers. If you post irregularly, you might lose subscribers in no time. So, ensure you schedule your posts during such cases.

3.      Be Consistent

Again, consistency in social media is vital to building an account on OnlyFans. Create content and deliver them on time. If you upload videos once a week, let your fans know that. But, do not post with a large gap making your fans wait. Consistency is key to build and grow online.

4.      Send Customized Messages

Keep your fans engaged and send them customized messages when they subscribe to your channel. Adding a personal touch to the information can get your fans closer. Always customize messages and connect with your followers. Always make them wanting for more.

5.      Give a Glimpse of your Content

Like Instagram, OnlyFans can upload stories and keep them as highlights on the profile. You can create a quick video that gives a brief overview of what your content will be about to your fans. Make it engaging and attractive enough to woo followers and convert them to subscribers.

6.      Take Feedback Positively

Be open to criticism and take into account all your fans’ queries and opinions. Keep the list of questions that repeat multiple times and try to improvise your content based on their suggestions and feedback. It’ll help you grow your online fanbase gradually, if not immediately.

7.      Have Patience

Nothing happens overnight. You must be patient enough to gain more followers. Consistency and patience are essential if you’re planning to build your fanbase on OnlyFans. If you have a decent following on other social media platforms, making on OnlyFans can be easy, but you need to be patient even if you don’t have.

Here is how you Must Promote your Content On OnlyFans

OnlyFans is an excellent online subscription-based platform to earn money quickly. But, until you get a good fan following, it can be quite challenging. To grow your online presence, you need to upload engaging content and continuously keep the content valuable and informative. Apart from promoting your account on social media, you need to follow other methods to attract more subscribers. Here are some top tips for growing your OnlyFans subscribers and engage your audience. Once you create an account, applying these steps can convert your fans from social media sites to subscribers on OnlyFans. Here is how you must promote your content on OnlyFans if you wish to gain subscribers quickly.

1.      Promote using In-Person Marketing 

Marketing in a personalized way can help you grow subscribers on OnlyFans. But, keep in mind not to go extra while promoting. You can advertise using business cards, prints on your t-shirts, or even your cars.

While these are great methods to promote, if you’re not the type who wants to flaunt, you can go for subtle ways and market yourself. Ensure you don’t over-promote and go all the way out and make it way too personal.

2.      Use Snapchat to Promote

Promoting your content through snapchat is a great way to gain traction and build your OnlyFans Followers. Search for influencers in the same niche as yours. Promote your content, give shoutouts for shoutouts, and widen your audience.

The more impressions your promotional content makes, the more subscribers you gain. It works similar to Instagram. It would be best if you had an excellent strategy to make headway and build an online presence. 


3.      Use the Paid DM Feature

To keep in contact with your customers regularly, you can use the paid DM message feature. Once you subscribe to it, OnlyFans will send email as well as a direct message regularly. It is one of the best strategies to keep them hooked to your content and not lose them over time.

All your latest posts and updates will slide right into their inbox and keep them engaged. You can try this tip if you want to grow on OnlyFans.

4.      Make the Best Use of Reddit

Creating Reddit accounts are yet another way to promote your OnlyFans page. It would help if you were crystal clear of subreddits’ rules and regulations before posting or promoting your content. Reddit has strict policies, and violating the same can lead to terrible consequences, which might affect your online journey.

You need to look for your niche on Reddit and post content on the same. Add your OnlyFans profile link in the comments section below each post. That way, the viewers can navigate to your OnlyFans account and eventually become your subscribers.

5.      Add Profile Link to Bio 

Adding your OnlyFans profile link to your social media bio can drive customers to your OnlyFans profile. It is one of the most common and the best tactic to gain subscribers.

You can add the link on any of your posts and draw fans saying they will be getting more exclusive content on OnlyFans. Promoting in the right way can help convert viewers to subscribers and also retain your fans for a long time.

6.      Collaborate with other Creators

Collaborating with creators like you can help get their fans to follow you. So, once you build your OnlyFans account to an extent, you can start working with other online creators under the same category. It is one of the most effective ways to build an online presence on this platform. You can pay other creators to promote your content on their page or even pay a tip. Based on their fanbase, you need to decide who will be the right creator to promote your content.

7.      Compress files Before Uploading 

No one likes to wait for a second when it comes to watching a video. To keep the buffer time low, compress your files using any online compressor and upload it. That way, you won’t lose viewers. One of the ways to retain fans is through this method. An extensive buffer time will only frustrate your audience, and you might lose out on some potential customers due to this.

8.      Create Quality Banner

Making creative banners can help you grow on OnlyFans. You can use Canva to design stunning banners with high-quality images. It will increase your visibility, and your audience might get recommendations too.

In no time, you can create banners and improve your online presence. Banners are a way to tell your audience about you, so try to keep it personalized with a pinch of creativity to lure your customers to your main account.

9.      Make Friends On OnlyFans 

Making friends on OnlyFans engages their audience with your content and helps grow your fanbase too. They can tag you and give shoutouts for shoutouts. It’s one of the easiest ways to get your OnlyFans promoted. It’s similar to how you engage with other social media influencers. Online marketing strategies involve engaging with fellow influencers to reach a broader audience.

10.  Play Tip Games 

Onlyfans has an option where your fans can tip for your content if they do not wish to subscribe. If you have a series of videos or images, you can attract your fans by letting them have a sneak peek into what they would be getting if they tip. You can play a quick tip game and release the best only after you get the tip. That way, you can control and grow on OnlyFans.

11.  Schedule Posts 

Scheduling posts is an excellent way to engage your fans even when you cannot upload while traveling or due to other commitments. Your fans will be eagerly waiting for your posts, and if you delay uploading it, you’re only disappointing them. Never forget to schedule your posts if you have plans the next day. Growing on OnlyFans takes a considerable time, but you can succeed if you put in the right efforts.

12.  Promote using Instagram

If you have good Instagram followers, you can link your OnlyFans account in the posts or add them to your stories. You can also give them an insight into the exclusive content available on OnlyFans. You aim to drift your Instagram followers to the Onlyfans account and get them to pay for the well-designed content by you.

Keep it as a trailer to a movie. Let the trailer be on Instagram, and for more of it, your fans must pay for it. Driving fans by promoting through these methods will help monetize your content in no time.

13.  Go for More Likes 

The number of likes on your social media shows how popular you are. It also builds your presence and widens your audience. The more you engage, the more people will recognize you. It is one of the easiest ways to convert and grow your fanbase. Once you get identified, you can try other strategies to get them converted to subscribers on OnlyFans. You need to know how the algorithm works and engage with your audience time and again.

14.  Keep them Engaged

Engagement is equal to visibility. The more you engage with your audience, the more visibility you get. That way, you gain more followers too.

Not that you have to stay online every minute, but you must involve your audience either by prompting them to like your posts or engaging them with games. Keeping your followers wanting more and presenting them with the best content every single time will increase your presence significantly.

15.  Buy Top-Notch Gadgets

To be the cherry on a cake, your content needs to be the best. Using high-quality gadgets will enhance your content to another level. You can buy equipment like a webcam or a tripod light to get quality videos and images to upload.

Since you’re letting your fans pay to view your content, you must ensure to keep it up to their expectations. Only then will you have monthly subscribers. If the quality is unsatisfactory, you might lose your fans in the snap of your fingers.

16.  Write Descriptions Creatively 

Creative descriptions of your bio can attract more followers. It would be best to keep your description crisp and concise with an element of fun in it. You can either keep it formal or add humor to get their attention.

Catchy descriptions are what convert your viewers to subscribers once they get to know you. A well-thought bio can do wonders. Try to keep it as intriguing as possible, explaining all the things you do in short.

17.  Add a List On Bio

Have you come across certain ads that make you click right away to know what it is? Well, that is precisely what you must do to convert your fans here.

OnlyFans allows you to create content and lets your fans pay, so you need to list your content on your OnlyFans bio so that they get a clear picture of you right when they land from other media platforms—keeping your landing page attractive drives more customers.

18.  Add Pin Tip Menu 

You have the option to pin a tip menu on your OnlyFans page. Some of them might not be willing to subscribe right away. If they get what they expect, they might convert. The tip menu can be a perfect way for such customers. You can detail your services and the price for each. The more they pay, the more the benefits. It is one of the ways to convert your followers on Onlyfans.

19.  Deliver Quality Content 

It’s always quality over quantity. If you’re posting numerous content a day but keep it irrelevant, it’s not helpful. You must create in-depth, engaging, and add value for the price they are paying. Since your customers are switching from free to view platform to pay per view, you must also understand what they need and deliver.

If you miss out on minute things like the image or the video quality low or high buffer time due to large-sized videos, you will lose out on potential customers. Quality, in every angle, matters a lot.

20.  Digital Marketing is Essential

Apart from creating quality content, if your content is not visible to your audience, it’s pointless. Digital marketing comes into the picture here. You need to market your content on all social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Tiktok, Facebook, and more. If you haven’t been active on these platforms, it’s time you put that for use.

You can link out to your OnlyFans profile in the bio of other media platforms and use appropriate hashtags for more visibility and subscribers. 

21.  Make Use of Twitter

Twitter is yet another social media platform to promote the OnlyFans page. You can either retweet and comment on the posts posted by Twitter or create your content and tweet. Engagement is what is necessary to reach a broader audience.

Add an attractive image or a gif file to the post and write a snappy tweet about it in just a few lines. Add hashtags as necessary.

Twitter is always one of the best platforms to promote content and gain followers.

Here is how you can promote your OnlyFans page without social media

Social media is the go-to to create an excellent online presence in recent times. But, what if you want an online presence on OnlyFans without using social media? Well, here are some top strategies to attract subscribers and monetize your content without using social media as a weapon to promote.

You can taste success if you follow the methods and put in the right efforts to get subscribers to follow your content. Though most influencers utilize social media to promote, these indirect ways can help gain the same number of subscribers on OnlyFans if done right. Strategy is key when it comes to advertising online. 

Create Your Own Website

One of the best ways to promote your content is through your own website. Since you have the liberty to create a blog on any niche, you can link out to your OnlyFans page through your blog posts, whether you’re a photographer, trainer, or chef.

You can gain plenty of subscribers through this for your OnlyFans account. If you already have a good fan base for your blog, then it would be easier to get your fans to convert to subscribers on this platform. It is one of the most straightforward strategies to promote your OnlyFans content and to gain subscribers.

Shoutout Promotion

Another great way to promote your OnlyFans without social media is by shoutout promotions. Bloggers and influencers who already have a good fan following can promote your content on their pages and posts. Most of these promotions are paid. Rarely there will be unpaid promotions. You might have to pay a certain amount for each post and get advertised if you’re not opting for other methods. It can also be shoutout for a shoutout where budding influencers can promote your brand in exchange for theirs.

Promote through Webcam Modeling

It is another efficient way to promote your OnlyFans account. Webcam Modeling or Cam Girl is to entertain your fans by performing in front of the cam. It is an excellent strategy if you’re into the adult industry to promote your OnlyFans account to build a good fanbase and earn. However, this is specific to adult content. You can try other strategies if you’re a fitness or food blogger. 

Create Online course

Creating online courses on platforms like skillshare is a great way to promote your OnlyFans page. If you’re a fitness enthusiast or a fashion blogger, you can create fashion therapy and tutorials on different ways to stay fit to gain traction. Though social media is the best way to promote your content, these are equally great platforms to attract subscribers. It might take a considerable amount of time to let the audience know and understand you, but you will eventually gain a good fanbase if you’re consistent and post frequently.

Promote through Tube Sites

Tube sites are another great way to promote your content. You can upload short video clips or post images on sites like ManyVids to gain subscribers. Posting short clips will help your audience understand the type of content you create and build your trust. Creating an online presence is not as easy as it seems, but it’s not impossible too.

If you find the right strategy and understand your audience, then no one can stop you. All it takes is a little time and effort to build it. OnlyFans is an excellent platform to monetize your content, and with these strategies, you can promote and build your online presence with ease.

While these are some of the strategies to gain subscribers without using social media sites, you can promote your content through the OnlyFans website. Though social media is always beneficial to promote, these methods are good enough to get started.

You need to understand what your audience wants and build content in a way that gives value to your fans.

Only then will you get subscribers who pay to view your content. Creating engaging content is vital. Keep your audience entertained and pique curiosity in your promotional video or images so that you can convert them into subscribers. Knowing what drives the interest of your audience is essential to create exciting and fun content.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this complete guide on OnlyFans has helped you to get started with this excellent platform. If you’re planning to monetize your content or looking for other streams to generate incomes, this can be the one for you. You need to follow the right strategy and frequently engage with your fans to build and grow your account.

All you need to do is to stay consistent and create valuable content. Rest will fall in place if you’ve applied all the promotional strategies precisely. Onlyfans is for all the influencers who wish to earn money by posting content online.

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